Hairpins, Cows, Laughter & More…

If you’ve picked up a copy of the 2014 Edition of “Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude” and read the entry for April 1st, you’ll know what the title of this post means.the joke's on you!

I hope you decide to make this April Fools Day a celebration of laughter and joy, even more than entering into the “pranking” side of things.

And if you are tricked, I challenge you to accept it as a gift.

  • First, know that someone thinks enough of you to want to play a joke on you. You are loved & cherished!
  • Second, the prankster must trust your reactions enough not to be/stay too mad at them or overreact once you realize the joke’s on you. You have a forgiving disposition & trusting friends!
  • Third, you have the opportunity to practice (once again) laughing at yourself for being less than perfect in your assumptions about things. This is a high compliment to your resilient character and ever growing soul!

So enjoy your day to the full, no matter what craziness ensues. You can even decide to make this decision a daily habit, as you never know what unintended craziness life will throw at you from day to day. There are hidden lessons and treasures in every one of them.

Wait, there’s more…

Should you desire more online inspiration, check out another of my sites with humorous insights & inspirational thoughts I wrote a while ago:

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy of the latest Gratitude Project book (or want more for your friends), you can purchase it through this Amazon link.

Remember: Grin & Bare It Everyday (bare your teeth as you smile, that is)! ;-)


Gratitude Expressed 365 Days

Have you incorporated the GiftBaghabit of gratitude and thankfulness into your life yet?

Living from a place of gratitude and thankfulness everyday leads to more gifts of abundance finding their way to you. Not only is it a healthier way to live (both mentally and physically), but it is a great antidote to stress in your life. Just think how exciting it is to look at life in expectation of good things happening and take notice of all the everyday miracles you may never have noticed happening to you. The more you take note, the more they will show up.

It’s worked that way for me and countless others. Why not YOU?!

If you desire to expand your thinking and experience in this area, choose to step into the observation and thankfulness zone – for the amazing gifts all around you, just waiting for you to see and accept them.

One way to do that is to just take time to breathe in and reflect each day on all that you are grateful for. I like to at least begin and end my day with thanks for all the multitude of blessings in my life. But many times during the day I just can’t help saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, God!” for just such a sense of fullness and overflowing abundance, love and goodness all around me.

The best part is that an abundance of blessings is always available. We just have to be aware of them and choose to accept them.

gratitude, thankfulness

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Something I am particularly grateful for today is the privilege of being involved another year in the Gratitude Book Project. I just got news that the 2014 version is now out and available on Amazon. It’s titled: “Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude – 2014 Edition”

Be blessed by ordering your copy today – and while you’re at it, order some extra copies for your special friends so they too can live a more blessing-filled life in the coming year. What better gift to give both yourself and others?!

Order Now!

P.S. My article is on page 101 – yes, that’s April 1st, and you’ll see why I chose that day to write about once you get there! ;-) By the way, you can begin reading the book any day of the year, so don’t let the dates stop you, even if it is later in the year when you pick up the book. Every day is a great day to be grateful!





Count Your Blessings!

Did you get a chance to read “Blessings in Disguise” ? It is the January 3rd inspiration I wrote in the new bestseller: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude – 2013 Edition.

If you’re looking for more inspiring articles, illustrations and tips to help you live a better life, you are welcome to visit some of my other sites, as this one is a work in progress.

For interviews with inspiring people, visit Heart and Power Radio.

To learn how to master your thoughts and words to manifest an amazing life, download a free ebook at Inspiration Connections.

Practical tips await you at Real Life Institute.

Small doses of inspiration await you at Daily Faith Lessons.

I hope you will take the time today to ponder on all the blessings around you that may be disguised as challenges. Review the past for a moment and see if those apparent turn of events actually turned into blessings that brought you to a different but better place.

Above all, put your faith and trust in God, who loves you more than you could ever know and only wants the best for you. The more you get to know him and watch him at work, the more you will be able to trust his work and ways in your daily life.

365 Days of Gratitude a Bestseller!

We did it!

On December 19th the 2013 Edition of the Gratitude Book Project, known also as Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude hit #1 on Amazon in the Hot New Releases category, as well as #6 in the Happiness category.

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy or want to order more, you can use this link to go directly to the 2013 Gratitude Book page.

Make sure you check out my contribution on the January 3rd page. You might be surprised by what I wrote that I was grateful for.

I’d love to hear your comments on the book, the project, and on what you are grateful for.

At the end of 2012 and the beginning of a new year, you have a fresh start to live the dreams that are most important to you.

I trust you will choose your dreams and goals well. Make wise decisions about your life. Help others to be grateful for the life you are living before them. Then you will have even more to give thanks for at the end of this year and the beginning of the next one!

Your grateful friend,

The Gratitude Project

Just wanted to let Smiley face - with fruityou know that I’m participating in a book project that is COMING SOON to Amazon & bookstores:

                               The Gratitude Book – 2013 Edition.

It will be released soon & should become a bestseller, as have all the other editions.

This book is a wonderful compilation of reasons to be grateful everyday with a host of contributors from around the globe one for each day of the year.

As soon as it’s available, I’ll upload the link for you to order your copy. They make great Christmas gifts! With a page a day to inspire, you will be thought about with gratitude everyday for your thoughtful gift!

Today I am grateful to have been part of this book and to be able to share it with you soon… ;-)

What are YOU grateful for?

(If it’s for an English teacher that would frown on you for not asking “For what are you grateful?” instead – then my condolences!)

How Decisions Are Made: Emotions or Logic?

Emotional Roller CoasterSome people are led by their heart. They follow their feelings. This leads them on a roller coaster ride of emotions and can cause turmoil and heartache in their lives.

Others act solely on facts as they perceive them to be, making quick decisions regardless of the thoughts or feelings of others.

With both there needs to be a balance.

Where do you fit in? Do your emotions lead, or are you more analytical in your mental processes?

Here is something interesting to note. Continue reading